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What's the Deal with All the Filipinas in the Street on Sunday?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

TGGL will give you the straight skinny

What the? Why is every Filipina in HK sitting on the street?

OK - so you are out on Sunday, expecting a nice stroll downtown - and suddenly - you are besieged by the sight of what seems to be a million Filipina women, all sitting on the street. You may ask - "What up with that?" Well, TGGL will tell ya:

“Where the hell did all these Filipino women come from??"

HK natives and expats are fairly well-off and can afford to have Filipina, and Indonesian helpers living in their homes. These women leave their countries. homes and, usually large, families and live year round. There only day off is Sunday and, well, being usually not so well-off, they have nowhere to go on that day off. They certainly can't afford to go home - so what to do? Well - here's what they do: they get some blankets, maybe some cardboard, and they go downtown and sit on the sidewalk, that's what.

Some pack picnic lunches. Others sell some wares for extra cash. Others have impromptu dance parties. All are good natured and they clean up after themselves so when they leave - no trash - So, no worries when you do see them. With one caveat. There are some Filipinas who go down to the bars in Wanchai looking to score themselves a Gweilo for either a day's fun . . . at a price. Or they are looking to score a Gweilo for long term marriage prospects to "take them away from all this". Can't blame them for the latter, but, for the former, TGGL can only say:"I don't do that myself - but if you do . . . caveat emptor!"

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