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The Grouchy Gweilo's Faves

Looking for a place to eat?  The Grouchy Gweilo's (TGGL) been to many, and there are many wonderful and tasty restaurants to visit  in HK.  I list some of my faves but this is not a "restaurant review site"  if TGGL has visited your restaurant and does not like it - he will not publish a bad review - but you will not make TGGL's hall of fame.  Click on the picture to get the restaurant's website.

Favorite Breakfast


Classified Restaurant in Tai Hang (Tin Hau stop on the MTR) is TGGL's fave.  The Eggs Benedict is super good as is their steak and eggs.  Bight cheerful and an attentive staff.  They have  other sites - but this is super nice and convenient and is right near  some nice temples for sightseeing and not too far away from Causeway Bay if you like shopping.  


Favorite Cantonese Roasted Meat Restaurant


All right - you've seen these places all over.  They're the ones with the roasted geese and ducks and pork hanging in the window, locals sitting cheek to jowl and slurping, lip smacking, teeth sucking and generally making a fantastic array of Hong Kong yummy noises.  

Everyone has their favorite ones of these.  TGGL's fave?  It's in North Point, on the unfortunately-named Shu Kuk Street (pronounced "Shoe Cook").  But there is nothing shoe-like about the delicious succulent meats carved up and served in this place.  I don't even know its name as it is all written in Cantonese - but you can't miss it.  Across from the MTR just off King's Road.  

Favorite Mexican Restaurant

11 Westside
11 Westside.jpg

Located in Kennedy Town (click on the picture for the website) this is hands down the best Mexican Restaurant in HK.  Now - full disclosure - there are not a lot of Mexican restaurants in HK at all.   That being said - this is really a super great place.  Just when a friend of mine from California and TGGL were commiserating that there was no real Mexican in HK -  this place opened up and there was much rejoicing!


They serve authentic cuisine and have some interesting crossover dishes (the Carne Asada Fries, which are a Mexican take on Poutin, are to die for)


Its off of the main track ( on the back side of 11 Davis Street) but has a super sexy vibe, a back speakeasy type cocktail bar called the Wilshire and a rooftop terrace.  Just wonderful.  TGGL approves!

Fave Macau Restaurant

Cathedral Cafe

Located at Rua de Se 12 in Macau (click pic for their FB page),  near the center of the old town, this restaurant is the brainchild of restaurateur and friend Stephen Anderson.  It highlights the dishes that marked the Portuguese seafarers' travel to Macau from Portugal and includes Portuguese, African, Indian and Macanese dishes.  


The fresh Portuguese bread, fantastic waitstaff, amazing locale, and outdoor seating where you can watch the world go buy are all key; as is owner Stephen, his lovely and welcoming wife and family and all their friends who inhabit this trendy restaurant, and make it worth a trip (visit the travel page for further info on the Macau circuit).


Remember - the food isn't just good - this is a hangout for fun, TGGL approved expats!

Favorite Indian 

Bombay Restaurant - Jordan, Kowloon
BOmbay Restaurant.jpg

Located on Temple Street (171 Temple St. just south of Saigon Street in Jordan - Jordan MTR stop) which is one of the the main bazaars on the Kowloon side for all sorts of trinkets, and no too far from where, shall we say, houses of ill repute, operate openly,  lies a small, but wonderful, and very old school, "mouth on fire,"  Indian restaurant named Bombay.  The lamb vindaloo will literally singe the hair off of the inside of your nostrils if you inhale too deeply over it.  Mmm! Just the way TGGL likes it.  There's mild stuff too, if you are a milquetoast.  But get the spicy.  Come on.  Be a real man!

It's not much to look at from the outside, I will be honest; but inside a wonderful family serves authentic, tasty, rich and spicy Indian cuisine and light fluffy nan.  So dodge the hawkers and stop in.  It is worth the trip!

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